Assistant Professor of Visual Culture and Multimedia

Hiring a PhD student

For the AI4FILM project we’re looking to hire a PhD student interested in doing cutting-edge artificial intelligence research for applications to culture and films. The closing date for this vacancy is June 7th 2022.

This PhD position is part of the AI4FILM project, a collaboration between the UvA Informatics Institute and Kaspar AI. The goal of the PhD project is to support film analysis and production with the help of AI, using the language and concepts from cinematography. This includes but is not limited to narrative structure analysis, stylistic analysis and manipulation, and film editing. To make use of the rich and diverse domain knowledge in the film industry, the PhD student will develop new algorithms by building on developments such as Graph Neural Networks, Hyperbolic Networks, and Transformers. In addition, we will explore Human-in-the-Loop and generative approaches to support film production.

The position is at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), in the Multimedia Analytics (MultiX) lab in collaboration with Kaspar AI and the Video & Image Sense (VIS) lab.